Giving Is More Blessed Than Receiving and Asking for Help Is Okay

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.
Proverbs 19:17 NIV

Recently, I was able to donate many items to an amazing organization, The Tree House — Hospice of South Georgia, which in return provides assistance to hospice and others who are less fortunate. I experienced blessings beyond my wildest dreams. It truly is better to give than receive! What a wonderful blessing to know that things I treasured will help others and, hopefully, will provide blessings to others.

Many times we miss out on opportunities to bless or be blessed because we are afraid to ask for help or give help to others, or because we believe it might be difficult to interfere. It is okay to say it is hard. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to admit that you do not have it all under control. Even if you cannot say it to someone, you can say it to God. I believe HE would reply:

I know life is hard, and I AM walking with you through it. You cannot see it now, but I AM working—even in this. Precious Daughter/Son, I am your help, and I have placed people in your life so do not be afraid to reach out and seek help. I know you do not have it all under control, but I did not create you for that. The control you cling to is mine, and I have wonderful things planned for you.

If only we could hear God’s reassuring voice and feel HIS strong arms wrap us in an embrace, maybe then we could know HE truly understands. Now, in this moment, through the hard things, I believe He wants us to know . . . It’s okay. Our Heavenly Father wants us to keep our hearts and minds open to ways we can help others and be a blessing for HIM.

Please pray for me, as I am praying for you!

About Hester Guest

I am a retired teacher. I love spending time with my children, grandchildren, and friends. Reading, studying my Bible, sewing, and playing games on my computer, phone, or tablet fill my spare time. Jesus is my Saviour!
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