Children are Absolutely Awesome

When I am able to spend time with my grandchildren, it is a blessing, and wonderful memories are made. Yesterday, I took Cason to drum lessons; and as usual, he was “starving” and needed “real food!” After he finished his lesson, we quickly decided to go to Dairy Queen. He got a cheeseburger meal, and I got the chicken tender basket.

We were so hungry we couldn’t wait to eat. Cason decided he wanted one of my chicken tenders and began eating it. A few seconds later, I looked over at him; and he was holding part of a tooth. He had broken off part of a tooth. Needless to say, his eating was cut short, and he called his mother to inform her of his dilemma and requested she call his dentist.

Fast forward to the next morning, Lisa called and asked me to meet her at the dentist’s office. Little did I know what a treat I had before me. The dentist had to extract the tooth so they prepared Cason with “laughing gas,” and the fun began.

From the moment he got in the car, he began telling “his story.” I laughed all the way home. Part of our conversation will be a memory I will never forget.

Cason: The dentist put this thing over my nose, and it didn’t smell good. All of a sudden, things started to look funny with colors running together. I was trying to Snapchat, but my arms wouldn’t let me. He didn’t tell me he got the tooth out until I asked him. Mimi, he didn’t even cry.

I laughed and told him the dentist wasn’t supposed to cry because it wasn’t his tooth. He talked nonstop until we got home. I couldn’t help laughing because he was so silly.

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Faith over Fear—Answer is Prayer!

For the past few months, I have tried to stay off the radar. Recovery from spinal surgery has not been as quickly as I hoped. There is truly a lot to be thankful for, but complications from trigemenial neuralgia threw a curve into my plans! Then, add to that a problem with my parotid salivary gland which has been horrible. I am so appreciative of all the prayers, cards, calls, and concern shown by my family and friends.

As Cason is quick to remind me, I can be “mean”! Pain that persists is something difficult to deal with at any age; however, I am truly blessed and know God IS not finished with me! Please pray for me to be able to deal with this situation. Having been healthy for most of my life, I definitely was not prepared for this stage of my life.

God assures me that “Happy Days” are on the horizon. I look forward to the world coming back to its senses so that things are more peaceful and safe. Praying for each of you to be happy, healthy, and secure.

Until next time,


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Pity Party vs Praise Party

Well, I am struggling with my present condition! If you want to scroll right on by this post, I will not blame you. Life can really be a challenge sometimes. The rioting and coronavirus added more drama and turmoil, but the evidence of old age has truly taken its toil.

I am not bragging, just stating facts. I have a secretarial degree with a concentration in finances, a cosmetology degree, bachelors, masters, and Education Specialist Degrees in Middle School Education, and Secondary English, and I am a self-taught seamstress. I have always been able to do most anything I attempted, however, I am almost useless now. I tried to do my hair today, and my hands no longer cooperate with me. I became so frustrated, and I wanted to just sit down and cry. I love to help others, and it seems like I cannot even help myself. I don’t ask others for help very often, but I had a epiphany right then. It occurred to me that things happen to us for a reason.

God, in his infinite wisdom, mercy, and Grace shows me daily that I am His Child! He doesn’t love me because I can sew, cook, teach, give a permanent, or anything else I am capable of doing! He JUST L O V E S ME!! It doesn’t matter what I can do or cannot do. HE LOVES ME!

Therefore, from this point forward, I vow to stop my Pity Party, and I will be having an unending Praise Party! Heaven is my destination! Thank You, Heavenly Father for creating me! Thank You for all the things I can and cannot do! It makes life so interesting! Help me confront my inabilities and give me the strength and knowledge to ask for help, when it is needed. In Jesus’s Holy Name, AMEN

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Yesterday, May 26, 2020

My birthday was truly a celebration of love. My heart is overflowing with emotion because God has shown me how blessed I am. Thank you for all of the warm wishes, beautiful words, and awesome reminders that I serve a Risen Savior and Living God! Each of you have given me another memory which I will treasure forever! I am so happy I am alive and able to enjoy life, and I am thankful for each of you who shared my day with me!

If you don’t believe in angels here on earth, I can make a believer out of you. God knows how hard holidays, birthdays, and celebration are for me now. My children, grandchildren, and friends have been my guardian angels for a long time. Every day we are in the presence of angels, and we can be His angels! All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open and keep our hearts, hands, and feet ready and be his “tools” here on earth. Guardian angels come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and species. They do little things and large things. The beauty is they help and save us!

With everything that has occurred since before Christmas, it would be easy to throw a pity party with just Me, Myself, and I. However, when I begin to feel sorry for myself, I stop and remember I am a child of My King, Jesus! If He can Love a sinner like me and give His Precious Life on the Cross for me, I know I can do more for Him and for the world in which I live. No matter our age, health, or financial status, we can help others by sharing what we have. A sense of humor and a smile on our faces can do more to enhance the beauty and happiness of others than any thing else. Today, I am beginning a new journey of spreading joy! Okay, for the present, within the boundaries of social distancing.

Until next time,


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My Story

My life has had its share of highs and lows. Growing up was a lot different for me than most girls. From an early age, I had to be a mother figure for my brothers and sister. My mother and daddy worked really hard. That meant from the time I was in fourth grade, I had to assume responsibilities that most girls don’t have until they are grown and married. I cooked, cleaned and tended to my siblings and still managed to make good grades and have fun. My parents had a restaurant–drive-in with curb hops, etc., and worked long hours. I learned the value of good work habits as a very young girl. I graduated from high school as an honor graduate.

After I graduated from high school, I went to school in Tallahassee FL. That was my first experience being away from home. My uncle was a motorcycle cop and kept a close eye on me. That year was filled with new and different experiences for me. I met some wonderful people who have been true friends for life. I went back home for the summer and worked in a hair salon for the next several months until I decided to go back to college to become a teacher. That was the career I had wanted since I was a little girl playing with dolls.

I promised myself a long time ago I would write my story of my life. This is just the beginning. I have many stories to share.

Until next time,


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My Heart is so full.

For several years, I suffered with so much pain. Sometimes, I felt as though my own body was attacking itself. At times, it was so horrible and nothing gave any relief except the knowledge that God had a plan for my life. As I reflect on memories, my heart is filled with a feeling of happiness and joy. God has provided many blessings through the people he has placed in and on my path.

April 1, 2014– My life changed forever! GONE!! But never forgotten! If I listen closely, I can still hear your voice and feel that last warm and precious hug! The last words you spoke to me as you hugged me still linger in my heart and brain as I remember them. The look in your eyes and on your face haunt my memories and bless me! I know you love me! You said, “Hester, honey, you just don’t know how much I love you!” Clyde, you always made it perfectly clear that you loved me and your family and friends! You did it daily with your words and deeds! You gave us so much love and so many blessings! God truly blessed us! You were a gentle giant with a beautiful giving heart!

Observing my children, grandchildren, and family as they continue on their paths has given me pleasure and comfort. I am so thankful and proud that they are all involved in their own missions of helping others. Each of them has their own ministry and continue to worship and serve our Heavenly Father. What more could a mother or grandmother ask!!

During this pandemic of 2020, I have learned once more how important human contact is to a person’s sanity! I miss my children, grandchildren, family, and friends! Being alone is certainly no picnic or fun. After having surgery and being hospitalized for three weeks, I was looking forward to more than isolation and “alone time!” God works in mysterious ways. He certainly has an amazing sense of humor!

One method of keeping myself entertained has been diving into my Bible. That renewed search for truth has given me a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. Reminiscing about the past and all the times God has been right where he promised to be has been a blessing. I know His Purpose and Plan is always best for me. I look forward to many more years of happiness and joy. He is not finished with me!

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Making the Most of My Time

When I was teaching, I often was guilty of “burning the candle at both ends” without actually realizing it. At any given time, I would be involved in several projects. I was also guilty of procrastination! I seemed to do better under pressure.

I remember one time in the early years of my career, I was teaching all day, working at Penney’s in the afternoon, and working on my Master’s Degree at night. I had two teenage sons, an elementary school daughter, and a wonderful husband. Clyde and I were youth counselors at Bemiss United Methodist Church. Our youth group spent a lot of time at our home. To say we stayed busy was an understatement. Many nights we would have at least twenty young people eating with us and enjoying time together. As busy as we were, it was a happy and wonderful experience. Teenagers can keep a person young.

I remember wishing and thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to stop and rest. In our present situation, I can only imagine what life will be like when the chaos is over and we are able to regain some semblance of normalcy! My prayer is that we will not return to the habits and negativity with which we have filled our lives. I keep reminding myself that God created man and woman for a relationship with Him. However, just like the early people of the Bible, we have removed God from all areas of our lives and began to worship things of the world. God is in control, and we need to pay attention and continue praying and talking to God.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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Praying Keeps Me Close to God

April 1, 2014– My life changed forever! GONE!! But never forgotten! If I listen closely, I can still hear your voice and feel that last warm and precious hug! The last words you spoke to me as you hugged me still linger in my heart and brain as I remember them. The look in your eyes and on your face haunt my memories and bless me! I know you love me! You said, “Hester, honey, you just don’t know how much I love you!” Clyde, you always made it perfectly clear that you loved me and your family and friends! You did it daily with your words and deeds! You gave us so much love and so many blessings! God truly blessed us! You were a gentle giant with a beautiful giving heart!

In the last few years, we had some very enlightening conversations. We talked about the past and discussed events in our lives. We were both very open and honest, and our reminiscing brought us closer together. We talked about things we had never discussed, and it made our relationship even sweeter. I asked you about different times in our relationship, and you did the same thing. The complete honesty brought a sweetness and bond which comforts me even now!

Praying and talking to God has replaced our nightly conversations! I can no longer hold your hand while I fall asleep, however, God holds me in His Hand and comforts me. My memories of our talks fill my heart and give me comfort! You and I made a commitment on August 3, 1963, and it was for eternity! R.I.P.

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FEAR Has No Place In My Life — Only Room For God

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

When I was young, I was so afraid of many things; however, I think my greatest fear was disappointing my parents and other people about whom I cared. I have to admit that I did whatever it took to please everyone with whom I was associated. As time passed, it became clear to me that there was truly only one being that I must please! As a twelve year old teenager, I accepted Christ as my Savior! Now, let me tell you that action changed my life forever. It definitely did not give me an easy road to travel, but I never regretted my decision. I could write volumes about the experiences I faced — some amazing, some scary, some exciting, many sad, but most precious are the memories of my interactions with the individuals God placed in my life. Recently, I had to make a decision that could have been extremely dangerous, but I prayed and God gave me the assurance that He is always with me!

Throughout my life, it has always seemed as though if anything strange could happen to anyone, it would happen to me. About seven years ago, I began to notice I was beginning to encounter some problems with shoulder and back pain. By 2015, I began to experience numbness and tingling on my left side, and I finally went to my doctor and told him all of my symptoms. He referred me to Dr. Paul Lane. After all the testing was completed, I was told I had spinal cord damage and needed to have surgery, or I could end up paralyzed. I had surgery as an outpatient, and I went home the same day. Recovery was wonderful, and no more pain! I still had the numbness and tingling in my left hand, but I could function and that was exciting.

After about three years, I began to notice that I didn’t have good balance and was falling a lot. In fact, I ended up with a concussion after one bad fall. Then, I began to have bouts of dizziness which prompted me to stop driving much, and I ended up in the emergency room and a week’s stay in the hospital. During that time, I was taken off all my medications for high blood pressure, trigemenial neuralgia, and high cholesterol. The tests showed I once again was in a dangerous situation! My spinal cord damage was much worse, and I needed surgery again! The site of the original surgery had become damaged again as well as three more disks were pressing on the spinal cord. The area was very close to the brain stem, which made it extremely serious. The doctor explained that this surgery was much more dangerous, and it would require a longer recovery time and would be extremely painful. He was not joking! The next few weeks would prove to be very uncomfortable.

I began praying before I left his office that day, and I began to seek God’s Will. A peace about my decision began to overwhelm me. I believe some of my family doubted my sanity when I called and set up my appointment for surgery. However, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and faith in God and Dr. Paul Lane. I knew the dangers, and I faced my surgery with the assurance that God’s Will would be done. He is not finished with me, and I have things I need to do.

It has been over six weeks, and I see and feel improvement every single day! I am so thankful for all the prayers and the wonderful caregivers I encountered on this part of my journey! I thank my Heavenly Father for His Love, Mercy, and Grace. I am also thankful for the doctors, nurses, my family, and every person who helped me through this trying time. I think I will be changing my bucket list for the future! I don’t believe I can take a chance on sky diving or ziplining any time in the near future.

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December Blessings 2019

December Blessings: Day 1:

My pastor, Larry Hauser, blesses me with his sermons and messages that remind me that God is Alive and working in our lives! Thank you for sharing your faith and love for Jesus! Thank you for reminding our congregation to be busy doing God’s command to be His Disciples!

December Blessings: Day 2:

Even when things are not going well and it seems as though they will never be right again, I have the blessing of knowing Cason will give me a wake up call in the morning and a good night call in the evening. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for this precious reminder! I hope my little buddy knows how much his calls mean to me. Jesus Blesses me each day by giving me another opportunity to help someone and make a difference in their life.

December Blessings: Day 3:

My sweet Heather is a beautiful blessing to me. She is not afraid to tell me the truth and set me straight when I am heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes it disturbs me, but most of the time I am proud that she loves me enough to want the best for me.

December Blessings: Day 4:

Having a doctor who listens to me and helps me is an awesome blessing. Dr. Ben Hogan has been my doctor for many years, and he always provides me with excellent advice and care. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for giving me a doctor who is a professional, knowledgeable, and caring individual.

December Blessings: Day 5:

Heavenly Father, You know my deepest desire and my needs! Thank You for the precious privilege and blessing of being able to talk to You and depend on You at all times whether it is trivial or extremely important!

December Blessings Day 6:

I am truly blessed by my beautiful friend and precious hair stylist, Cherie Hunt. She is not only a wonderful stylist, but she has the ability to make me and her other clients feel special and loved. Cherie performs miracles on my hair and on my heart! If I am feeling down or lonely, a visit to her warms my heart and makes me happy! Thank you, Cherie, for always doing your best to make me feel special. I love you, Precious Friend!

December Blessings Day 7:

I am truly blessed by the generous and loving people in our world who see those who are lonely, homeless, hungry, and in need of being rescued; and they don’t just give lip-service, but they become the hands, feet, and heart of our Lord and Savior! The greatest contribution anyone can give is loving and caring for God’s Sheep! We have so many churches and organizations which take this ministry seriously; and a few examples are Hungry at Home, The Factory in Woodstock, Redland Baptist Church and Lake Park United Methodist Church in South Georgia! I know there are so many more, but these four I have personal knowledge about and have witnessed their work. The secret is the members and leaders in the churches and organizations.

December Blessings Day 8:

I am blessed by wonderful people who understand me and don’t judge me! I know I make mistakes daily and have to ask forgiveness because circumstances are not always in my control. Lately, I would have to say they are definitely not within my range of control. I am, also, blessed by those in my life who are interested in me, love me, care about me, and give me confidence to continue living a life that changes daily. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for abundant and never ending blessings!

December Blessings Day 9:

I am abundantly blessed by the changing seasons. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive His gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year. I appreciate the opportunity to share with others, and I am continually learning new ways to share God’s Love. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the Gift of Your Son, Jesus!

December Blessings Day 10:

Blessings just keep coming from every direction. Heather Guest Dawkins and Spencer Dawkins, Deborah Guest Metts and Scott Metts, Benny and Barbara Guest, Chris Guest and Lisa Selph Guest bless me constantly with their love, attention, and kindness! They make sure I am well, happy, and have the things I need. The beautiful thing is they do things not out of duty but out of love. God truly blessed me with awesome children, and they shine for Jesus!

Christmas Blessings Day 11:

I am blessed by my precious grandchildren and great grandchildren! Emily Metts Wade, Eli Metts and Gabbi Burch, Logan Brooke Dawkins and Lane Peavy, Alden Rachel Dawkins and Caleb Rogers, Christian Blake Guest, Cason Bennett Guest, Ellie Scott and Connor Wade!! Each one is so special in his or her own way. Their personalities are as diverse and beautiful as they are, but their hearts and missions are as much alike as they can be. They all share a love for Christ, each other, family, and others. They all love music, and they all show a joy for giving to others. “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. (Proverbs 17:6 KJV)”

December Blessings Day 12:

Friends are truly a blessing to me! Some of my friends are from my childhood, some are friends from my teenage years, some are members of my family, some are former students or my peers from my teaching career, some are FaceBook friends (who I have never met personally), some are very young, and some are Senior Citizens! They all share a common role in my life. They bless me with their smiles and words of encouragement and love. Thank you, Heavenly Father for blessing me with each of my friends.

December Blessings Day 13:

I was blessed with the 51 years I had with my soulmate, Clyde! Even though he has physically been gone for 5 years, 8 months, and 12 days, I still feel his presence every day. Things he did that protected me still are very apparent. He taught me how to take care of myself in many ways. At times, a little voice in my ear warns me that something I am doing will possibly cause me harm. Many times, I am pleasantly surprised by the realization that something he did years ago was in preparation for something I am facing now in the present. Thank You God for sending me a wise, loving, and caring man who loved me and his family unconditionally. Heavenly Father, help our grandsons to be men like their grandfather and our granddaughters to have the kind of men as husbands who are like him!

December Blessings Day 14:

I am truly blessed by all of God’s creatures, especially dogs! When I taught school, I had posters of dogs all around my room. I had little ceramic dogs, big stuffed dogs, and even metal statues of dogs all around my room. At one time in my high school classroom, I had a large stuffed dog that my students would rush into the class and claim it for the class period. It had a calming effect on the students. It made my heart smile to see my Juniors and Seniors attraction to the things that gave me pleasure! The real live dogs were very special, too! We have had so many different dogs, and it would be very difficult to name the one that was most special. If I had to choose one, I think it would be my Pekingese, Ming. Clyde got if for me when we first got married. Bentley, my mischievous little Maltese puppy filled a void in my life until I couldn’t take care of him properly anymore. I gave him to someone who would love him as much as I did. God gives us animals for a reason. They offer comfort, love, friendship, and so much more. These little fur babies show unconditional love to us just as we should to each other. As we were given the command to love our Lord and to love others.

December Blessings Day 15:

Extended family is an awesome blessing! I am truly blessed by the love, support, and sharing by my In-Loves and their families. Knowing that my children and grandchildren are a part of families who love and support each other and who welcome me into their lives is an absolutely precious feeling! God has blessed me with some beautiful individuals who love and serve our Heavenly Father. God made our hearts have the ability to love others, and the more we love our hearts are able to love even more! I pray this makes sense!!

December Blessings Day 16:

I am unbelievably blessed with people who truly listen when I need an ear to hear me, (even though I know I talk toooo much). At times we all need a sounding board for our thoughts and feelings. It isn’t necessarily that we are looking for an answer or even for someone to agree with us. God listens to us and even desires that we talk to him. He already knows everything, but the mere act of voicing these thoughts and feelings brings clarity to the situation. I don’t believe he expects us to simply accept things, but I do believe he understands when we are angry, hurt, and confused. I believe he enjoys our conversations with him and the deeper our relationship grows we understand more about his plan for us. Thank you, Father God, for giving us the opportunity to walk closer with you. Help me to be still and listen to your voice and others’ voices!

December Blessings Day 17:

God Blessed me with a truly great gift on this day a few years ago ( I cannot tell how many for fear of revealing mine and her age, and I fear that may be an unforgivable offense!),my precious daughter, Heather Guest Dawkins! She has been an amazing inspiration to me throughout her life. She supports me even when I am wrong, and she forgives all my mistakes. Especially since her dad died, she and her brothers and sister have showered me with love, attention, and kindness! They will never fully understand how much that has meant to me! Happy Birthday, Heather! Praying God continues to Bless you for many more years! Thank you Father God for knowing and giving me exactly who I didn’t realize I needed!

Christmas Blessings Day 18:

I was straightening up my bookshelf and became distracted by my school yearbooks! I have one for every year I taught, and I always allowed my students to write in them! I am so glad I did because I was blessed by the things my former students wrote! Wow!! The warm fuzzy feelings will remain for a long time! Some of the best memories I have centered around those precious students that I have always considered my children! Thank you to each of them for being part of my family and for continuing to bless me even now! Praying 🙏🏻 each one is happy and receives a blessing today!

December Blessings Day 19:

My blessings are overflowing! God truly blessed me with my two awesome sons, Clyde Bennett Guest lll and Christopher Burton Guest. They are as different as day and night in some ways, but they both have beautiful and loving hearts! Since their dad died, they have taken very seriously what their dad wanted them to do. I know they love me and want nothing but the best for me. I feel their dad’s love for me in the hugs they give me. They are extremely protective of me, and I know they would do their best to see that my life is filled with love just like their dad would want. Thank you, Father God, for entrusting my precious sons into my care when they were born. Thank you, also, for entrusting me into theirs and their sisters’ care now!

December Blessings Day 20:

Blessings continue to be abundantly poured on me. When I see people showing love and concern for others, it blesses me! When I observe a small child do something to make another person feel good, it blesses me! When I smile or speak to a stranger or friend and they return a smile or comment, it blesses me! There are so many ways we can pass the joy and blessings to others, and many of those ways do not cost anything but a moment of our time! I want to always share my blessings with others.

December Blessings Day 21:

I am truly blessed my beautiful and precious daughter from another mother, Deborah Guest Metts. When God sent me my soulmate, I also received an adorable little girl who has grown into an amazing friend and a wonderful woman of God. She never ceases to amaze me with her strength and wisdom. Through her I gained a lifelong friend and sister, Patricia Peters Guest, who I miss every single day! Because of Debbie, I have two awesome grandchildren, two adorable great grandchildren, and soon another beautiful granddaughter, Gabrielle Burch. Isn’t it wonderful the way God works to surround us with people who love us and whom we love!! Thank you Heavenly Father for knowing our needs and for providing for them before we even know we have those needs.

Christmas Blessings Day 22:

I am so very blessed by the families my children received when they married! All their lives I prayed for them to meet, fall in love with, and marry people who would love them and care for them, but mostly that they would love God and live lives dedicated to serving God. One by one, this prayer has been answered! All four of them have been blessed not only with precious soulmates but with their families. I am so blessed with a large extended family, and I love all of them with an unconditional love. My prayer now is that God will Bless my Grandchildren with the same legacy! I believe God”s Desire is for everyone to live in harmony, worship Him, and love Him and each other! In turn, they are blessings to others.

December Blessings Day 23:

I am truly blessed by all the advice I have gotten from some really wise people through the years. One of the wisest people who has been a part of my life was my sweet mother-in-love. She was an elementary teacher, and she knew everything there was to know about having a successful classroom with productive students. Once we were discussing students giving teachers gifts. She told me it was important to accept the gift regardless of what it was. She said whatever they offered may be the only thing they had to give, and it gave them joy to share. She said if their little hands were dirty, and they offered something to eat to accept it with a big smile. Whatever you did with it later, you would have given the child a moment of joy and a will to share! My daddy always said giving to others provided a feeling of joy that could not be replaced. I totally agree! Giving of yourself is a beautiful thing. My precious friend, Fred Davis aka known as the Principal of Lowndes Middle School and my first Principal, blessed me with his wisdom and my first teaching position! We shared many beautiful blessings! Many wonderful memories of blessings I received while in education flood my heart on this December Eve of Christmas Eve! Praying God’s Amazing Blessings on all of you!

Christmas Blessings Day 24:

I am so blessed with God’s Love. I see and feel His Love all around me. I can feel it wafting through the air. It can be seen in the smiles and in the eyes of everyone who knows Jesus as their Savior! It can be heard in the voices singing and praising His Name. I am so blessed that I still have the freedom and opportunity to worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We need to speak up and fight for this right so that we don’t lose it! We can no longer sit back and be passive about our faith and Love 💕 for Our Heavenly Father!

December Blessings Day 25:

I am blessed with memories and am happy that new memories can be made! It is wonderful to have family traditions, but it is also wonderful to start new traditions! Thank You God for all the old and precious traditions and memories and for the moments we shared with loved ones! As we travel on this journey we call life, thank You for allowing us to indulge in our favorite traditions, foods, and fun times; however, please keep us ever mindful of our true purpose for being on this journey! Help us to live a life filled with You and Your Precious Son, Jesus!

December Blessings Day 26:

I am truly blessed by social media because it allows me to stay in contact with family and friends. Having taught for 30 years, I have sweet memories of my former students and many of their family members. It warms my heart to be able to see their precious families and hear about their successes in life. It also gives me the opportunity to pray for them when I hear about their misfortunes or illnesses. As a teacher (once a teacher, always a teacher) one feels a part of their lives even if the time was brief. I believe that we all are who we are because of all the people we have known. Everyone we come in contact with has an influence on the person we become! The most important relationship we can ever have is our relationship with our Heavenly Father! He is the greatest influence of all. When other relationships seem to flounder, remember God Created each of us to have a beautiful relationship with HIM!

December Blessings Day 27:

I am truly blessed with God’s Amazing Grace! It took me years to fully understand that I cannot earn my way into Heaven. Jesus chose to come to earth and suffer and give His Precious Life for me. All He asks in return is that I love Him and that I love others! That is a small request! Why do we find it so difficult to do? I will spend the rest of my life doing what Jesus wants me to do. WWJD. What a beautiful blessing!

December Blessings Day 28:

I have been truly blessed my beautiful and amazing granddaughter, Logan Brooke Dawkins! Today is her birthday, and I am reminded of that morning with wonderful memories of Clyde’s and my trip to the hospital to welcome her into this world! We were experiencing feelings of worry for our own baby and for our grandchild. Little did we know what an awesome gift we were about to receive. A precious little angel has given us years of magic and joy! I have always called her my little angel because she came into our lives when we needed her the most. Just a few weeks later, she and her mother helped to nurse her granddaddy back to health after he experienced a stroke. Happy Birthday, Logan! Mimi prays for you everyday! My prayer is that you will be happy, safe, and healthy and that you love and serve our Heavenly Father. I wish for you years filled with an abundance of wonderful memories and God’s Blessings! I love you, my precious angel.

December Blessings Day 29:

I am blessed by music, words spoken, smiles, hugs, and personal interactions! The key to our blessings is kindness shown to each other!

December Blessings Day 30:

I am always blessed by God’s amazing Blessings that come when I need them the most! Anytime something hurts me or makes me sad, God shows me a real blessing in the situation or event. He is forever with me and prepares me for what is to come next. After all, this is my temporary home; He has prepared an eternal home for me! I know where I have been, and I know where I am going!

December Blessings Day 31:

I have been richly blessed by God’s Protection in 2019! My Guardian Angel has been really busy this year since I have tempted the boundaries over and over. She/He needs a rest, a vacation, or new wings. I set records for making mistakes, and I seriously think I am beginning my third childhood or haven’t made it out of the first two yet. I have probably challenged God’s patience several times with some of the things I have done, but God has been right there picking me up and setting me back on the path. My goal for 2020 is to walk closer to my Heavenly Father and heed His Voice in my ear. I will be a better mother, Mimi, sister, and friend, also. Thank You, God, for loving me and being my arm to lean on at all times especially since I don’t deserve it. Your Grace is sufficient for me!

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