Love Forever?

When I was a young teenager, I believed love would be forever and forever! As I have grown older, I have realized a truth which is bittersweet. Life has a way of throwing things at you and causing upsets which seem insurmountable. Faith in God’s Grace and His Love sustains me and comforts me when I am sad, nostalgic, and remembering happier times and moments that meant so much to me.

Losing my soulmate was the most difficult obstacle I ever had to face. I guess I thought we would end our journey together. However, life did not see it the same as my dreams! Although my life partner is no longer with me, my love, respect, and commitment is as alive as it was when we fell in love. Sometimes I find myself in a mood that can only be described as “a pity party!” I attempt to not allow this mood to envelop me, but it does happen especially on certain occasions. The truth is the person you love may no longer be with you, but you cannot just stop the feelings. However, I have decided my goal will be to seek other outlets for the love I have to share.

Reading and studying the Bible has been one of my outlets and has been rewarding. In January I started listening to a podcast which has really enriched my life. The Bible in a Year Podcast with Father Mike Schmitz, which is through Ascension Press, has helped me to understand God’s Word to a depth that I have never before had. It could be that with age I have gained a little wisdom and a bunch of experience.

Another resource which has been truly amazing and a precious blessing is The Chosen series with Dallas Jenkins. I am receiving such a beautiful blessing of feelings of God’s Presence through this series. There is a peace that comes from knowing my Heavenly Father is always with me.

My children and grandchildren are my life. It gives me great joy being able to be a part of their lives. Watching each one of them serving God and living lives filled with love and care for others has truly been a blessing. When they suffer, I hurt, too. I have always wanted them to find love, success, happiness, and God’s Plan for each of them. My prayers for my children and grandchildren are that each individual will give freely of the gifts God has given to them, love others unconditionally, treasure the time they have with others, and make precious memories. The greatest gift I could receive is the knowledge that before they do anything, they always ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” The answer will always be, “He Would Love First!”

About Hester Guest

I am a retired teacher. I love spending time with my children, grandchildren, and friends. Reading, studying my Bible, sewing, and playing games on my computer, phone, or tablet fill my spare time. Jesus is my Saviour!
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  1. Bill Inman says:

    Excellent…you are good at expressing your thoughts and feelings…Bill

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