Law Enforcement

The crimes that are committed against our LEOs are at an all-time high. Every day, we hear about another shooting and/or killing of one or more of our men or women in blue. My heart breaks for our law enforcement officers. The majority of them are dedicated, selfless, and driven to protect our society and provide a safe environment in which we can work, play, and live. When they put on their gear and head out to do their job, they don’t know if they will return to the safety of their homes and families! For most of them, the pay is not all that good, but they don’t do their duty for the pay anyway! They have an inner desire to serve their community and country by giving their lives in serving and protecting!

I have witnessed these men and women interacting with members of our society only to be rebuffed and criticized. Many of them give of their own private resources and time away from their families to help young people and other members of our society expecting nothing in return. The current attitude of certain elements of our society is horrendous. Just imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have these brave men and women. What if no one wanted to do the job they do? The chaos that would consume us could result in circumstances we can only imagine. Riots, death, and loss of material things would abound. No one, even criminal elements, would be safe.

My prayer is that God will convict people who are so filled with hatred, and their hearts will be changed! I pray that jealousy, division, and greed will be replaced with understanding, love, and generosity. We are one nation under God, and we are all brothers and sisters in the Family of God! We should have each other’s backs just like God has always had our backs!

“For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face.” Psalm‬ ‭11:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

About Hester Guest

I am a retired teacher. I love spending time with my children, grandchildren, and friends. Reading, studying my Bible, sewing, and playing games on my computer, phone, or tablet fill my spare time. Jesus is my Saviour!
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